How I Curl My Hair + My Favorite Products

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I’m sharing all about how I curl my hair and the products I always use for today’s blog post. I cut my hair to my collar bone in December, and I absolutely love it. It used to be pretty long, so it was easier to manage and wrap around the barrel when curling. I have learned some tips and tricks to help with my shorter hair though, and now curling it is super easy.

I wash my hair every day so it’s always clean when I curl it. My hair is naturally stick straight and doesn’t always hold curls super well. The products I use definitely help with this though. If you go a few days between washes, curls may hold better on the second or third day.

I start by separating my hair into half up, half down and spray some of the Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray at my roots. Then I like to mess with it and kind of scrunch it up at the roots. This helps it give your hair some extra volume. Next, I let my hair all the way down and add some of the Moroccan Oil Molding Cream at the end of my hair. I have found that this really helps the ends hold the curl better. I use about a dime sized amount and run it through all of my hair.

I put my hair into half up, half down again and curl the bottom layer first. I always start going away from my face with the front pieces on either side. I usually wrap the hair all the way around the barrel and alternate towards and away from my face. When I get to the back sections that are a little shorter, I hold out the hair, grab it with the clamp, and then twist it around as much as I can. This works a lot better than trying to wrap it around the barrel first.

After I finish the first layer, I let the rest of my hair down and do the second layer. I always go back and check to make sure I like how all of the pieces look and that they held the curl.  I spray my hair with the Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray and scrunch it up again so it has sort of a messy look at the end. You can go back and do any touch ups you need once you’re finished 🙂



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