Work Wear Favorites

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a bunch of great work wear pieces with you all today. I’ve been working for the majority of the week throughout college and needed some professional and more put together looks for work throughout my clinicals. We have class once a week (most semesters it’s on Tuesday)  and the other days, I’m in the clinic.

I love button down blouses or peplum tops for work. Madewell and Loft have a bunch of great options with higher necklines that go on sale frequently. This is for sure the best time to snag them. I also wear these options a lot in general, so that’s a win win. I love these options for work because I’m on the floor playing with kids most of the day. A classic chambray shirt, white shirt, and simple striped shirt will take your closet a long way. I usually layer these with cardigans or pullover sweaters to keep me a little warmer throughout the day. I love mixing neutrals for my work outfits, so I have lot of navy, white, camel, black, and grey in my closest.

When I first started looking for work clothes, I invested in a few nice pairs of pants that I could wear a lot. I got a few pairs from J. Crew and a few from Ann Taylor Loft. I wear a size 2 Petite in both brands for reference. I got a navy pair, black pair, pink pair, cream pair, and olive green pair. They have gotten me through all of my clinicals and are really great quality. I’ve linked a bunch of options for you below. I also linked a few dress options as well to switch it up a bit.

Another area I’ve invested in a bit is with shoes. I love Tory Burch ballet flats because they are so comfy and great quality. I have had a few pairs for 5-10 years and still wear them all the time. There are usually brown, black, navy, and other great neutral options. Recently, I got a pair of camo Rothy’s and these have made their way into my work closest as well. They are another super comfy option with lots of styles. In general, I definitely like flat shoes that look clean and professional while still being comfortable. This helps a lot when I’m on my feet and playing games a lot throughout my day.

I got a necklace at J. Crew that I love layering with my blouses and sweaters a few years ago as well. I linked a similar one that would work with a lot of options and add a little extra detail to classic work outfit.

These pieces have really helped to build up my work wear style and make it super easy to pick an outfit out each day.


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