5 Things I Do Every Day To Help Me Be Productive

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Happy Friday friends! We made it through another week!

Love this LuluLemon zip up for windy days outside. This color goes with everything and it’s so flattering! Mine is a size 4 for reference.

Today on the blog I wanted to share about 5 things I’ve been doing every day to help keep be motivated and jumpstart my productivity for the day!

1. Make my bed.

I started doing this back in September when I got back to Boston. It has made such a difference because it motivates me to then clean up any clothes or the kitchen if needed. I always take a minute to at least make my bed and then I can go about my day knowing my bed is made even if nothing else has been accomplished. Plus it’s always way better to get into a bed that was made at the end of the day 🙂

2. Drink a glass of water.

This helps me to wake up and jumpstarts my metabolism for the day. I’d rather put water into my body first thing before all of the coffee hits.

3. Write in my planner/run through my day.

I always write down any appointments or specific times I need to remember in my planner. This helps me to not miss anything or mix up the times for things. I also write down all of my assignments for school and clinical as well as my blog agenda for the day. This helps keep everything straight and put my mind at ease with all the little things!

4. Organize my lunch for tomorrow.

This one is super important on the nights when I work the next morning. It’s nice to not have to through a whole salad together in the morning when I’m running out the door and already have it prepared before hand. If I’m going to pick something up, I think about what will be close and make a plan!

5. Run through my skincare and evening routine.

I always wash my face, take my vitamins, and put on moisturizer before bed. Even if I’m away for the weekend, I stick to this routine. It helps me to unwind after a long day and know that I’ve taken good care of my skin. Bonus points if you floss too, haha! I’m working on adding that to this routine. It’s much easier adding it into an established routine than having to remember to do it separately every day.

*Going to the gym.

This isn’t an everyday thing, but I try to go at least two or three mornings a week when I don’t have to work super early. It helps get my energy up and clear my head which is always nice!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂


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