Italy: Part 2 (Capri)

Our last day in Italy we took the ferry over to Capri at 8:30am. The ferries cost around 10-25 euros and you can buy a ticket when you show up which was super nice! It took about an hour and we were there. The views coming into Capri are so so beautiful. Once we got off the ferry, we looked around and decided what we wanted to do. First, we took the trolley up to the center of town and got the most amazing caprese sandwiches at this little shop. Once we went back down to the dock, we got tickets to go on a tour of the blue grotto. We took a boat around the whole island and they told us all about the most important and unique parts of Capri. We couldn’t”t take the canoes into the Blue Grotto, but when it is nice weather enough, you can! After that, we walked around this little neighborhood a bit and saw all of the adorable houses. Capri was definitely a fun place to go and visit and I wish we could have explored even more. You can even take a chairlift to the highest point of the island, but we didn’t have time.

Also during our trip, we went to Pompeii and we were supposed to hike Vesuvius but it started hailing on us so we all decided to just go back down the mountain! Another really cool thing we did was see some of the catacombs. My favorite was the Catacombes of Saint Gennaro. I had never seen any before, so it was a really cool experience. I’ll definitely have to see more when I travel again.

This outfit was perfect for the day. I wore my gold adidas sneaks I linked in my first Italy post and this denim jacket. The romper is from last year, but I found a similar one here.


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