Italy: Part 1 (Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi)

Ohhh my gosh Italy was so so beautiful! I had the best time exploring with my good friend Andi during our Spring Break in March. Today I wanted to share all about our day exploring Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi. We were staying in Naples so we took the Circumvesuviana from the Garibaldi station at around 9 am and were there by 10:30. We had a little trouble and this nice Italian man told us we had to get off and turn around because it broke off into two but we made it in plenty of time for a full day. We had lunch in Sorrento and I had ravioli that was so so delicious!

Next, we went back to the train station to grab tickets for the bus that goes between all the coastal towns including Positano and Amalfi. You can get one for around 8-12 Euro and can take the bus as many times as you want for 24 hours which is awesome. We caught the next bus and it took about 30 mins to get to Positano. I will say the ride is on the side of a cliff and I had to look the other way haha. I would suggest sitting on the drivers side on the way there which is towards the mountain and not the water!

We explored Positano for a bit and climbed at least 30 flights of stairs! We got our exercise in for sure. It was so so beautiful at it was fun just looking around. We loved looking at the little house and shop signs. We then went back to the bus and caught a ride every further to Amalfi. I think I liked Amalfi the best! It was more touristy than Positano and I liked it. We grabbed some bruschetta and limoncello as watched the water. I also had gelato that was amazing and we ventured down to the water. It was a little chillier as you can tell because we were still in pants and jackets and the beach was almost completely empty. Then we went further back into the little street and saw the most amazing church. I wish we could of explored these places more but we had to catch the bus back!

My shirt is a few years old, but this shirt is super cute and similar. It has fun sleeves too! This jacket is one of my favorites of all time. J Crew has had it for years and it’s always in style and perfect for in between Fall/Spring weather. This pair of jeans is an awesome wash and I love the frayed hem at the bottom. Mine are from a few years ago again. Probably the best clothing item I brought on this trip were the gold and white Adidas Superstars I wore everywhere. You can find them available in different sizes here and here. I also took this bag around with me the whole trip! It fit everything I needed.

We had the best time in Italy and I can’t wait to plan a trip back! 🙂


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