My Experience with Trunk Club

Today I’m sharing all about my experience with Trunk Club. It’s an online styling service run by Nordstrom. You get to chat with a stylist, tell her all about what you like to wear for work or on the weekends and what your style is. They ask so many detailed questions, it’s wonderful. Some of the questions included price points for certain items like shoes vs. purses, colors and patterns you like or definitely do not like, and whether you wear more gold or silver jewelry. You can even add pictures of items you already have!! This is great if you have something already that you want to find a new way to style.

Once you have chatted with the stylist, they pair you with your official stylist that will create your trunk for you. All of the brands they might send you are listed on their website so you can see. Your trunk is available to view about two days later and you get to preview everything. This is your chance to change any colors or ask for something different. If something is too expensive or not your style, your stylist will add something new to your trunk based on your feedback. My stylist included a pair of Vince slip-on sneakers I already owned so I removed those from my trunk, for example. Once you love your trunk, you approve it and your stylist will ship it out. At this point, there is a $25 styling fee. Once you’ve received your box and had a chance to look at everything and decide what you are keeping, that $25 is credited towards whatever you decide to keep. You only need to keep around 1 item for it to be worth it!! If you choose to not have your trunk shipped once you have reviewed it, you aren’t charged anything.

Once you have started receiving trunks, you have a schedule with your stylist of every month, every other month, or every 3rd month which is awesome. You can always cancel or request a new trunk at any time. The boxes even come with a return label and tape so packing up and sending back any items you don’t want to keep is a breeze!!

I kept three items from my trunk that I loved:

Soprano- Strapless Tie Back Romper

I got an XS! Only $45 and the back is so unique!! You can find it here!

Gibson- Peplum Button Front Tank

I’m always a sucker for peplum and only $49! I got an XS. Linked here!

Treasure & Bond- Denim Mini Skirt

Danielle sent me a 26 in this and it fit perfectly! Originally $69 but on sale for $41.40 right now. You can find a similar one here! I loved my experience with Trunk Club and hope you will too! Here is a code to be referred to my stylist, Danielle!


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